5 Tips to Crafting an Eyecatching Subject Line

5 Tips to Crafting an Eyecatching Subject Line

A person receives over 100 plus emails a day in their inbox. That's why it's so important to craft subject lines that are compelling enough to get people to click through. They are one of the most critical pieces of an email as the subject line grabs the reader's attention and determines if the email will be opened. Below are five key points on subject lines to think about when creating a subject line!


Using personalization in a subject line adds a sense of belonging and can grab a person's attention. The recipient can feel a part of the brand, leading to loyalty and not just receiving

a generic promotional email. Personalization can make recipients feel special, like part of the insider's club. But do not overdo it, as this can lead to people feeling their privacy is being violated. Walk a fine line on this.

Keep it short and sweet

With over 65% of emails opened on mobile devices, keeping the subject line with less than 45 characters is vital. Look for subject lines between 5-8 words. Make the subject lines with a sense of importance. Tell them what is in the email, and don't leave them guessing. Make the subject line concise and never make false promises, as this can lead to non-opens and unsubscribes.


Do A/B testing. Segment data and send relevant information to those that request it. Test subject lines with emojis 😊, numbers, catchy phrases, personalization - just TEST!

Avoid ALL CAPS and exclamation points!!!

They tend to get ignored and often lead to the spam folder. People do not like to get yelled at, and it seems disruptive.

Be specific with the offer

What is the purpose of the email? What is the call to action? Focus on the email content and highlight promotions, sharing important information, showing your expertise. Do not be afraid to develop many subject lines and get feedback. If you genuinely want to provide your customers with the best possible information, keep it straightforward and stick to the truth.

The most important thing is testing and seeing what works for your audience when coming up with subject lines. There is a learning in every email sent to a recipient. Test! Try personalizing your emails, establishing relevance, and using catchy and delightful language. The more you know about the audience, the more you can compile many subject lines that work for your audience.